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heather + brady // wed

Spring weddings in Tucson are always just awesome, and nothing says “Tucson” like the Tanque Verde Guest Ranch: a dude ranch nestled into the Saguaro National Monument East (think of a forest, but except trees, big Saguaro cacti everywhere).  Cool, comfortable weather and a lot of really great people to be around, it really makes my job such an awesome experience even through a 12-hour day.  The girls started getting in the VERY early morning, I think before 6am, don’t know how they did it and last well close to midnight partying just as hard as everyone else.  Such a fun day, full of emotion, laughter and just great people.  Thank you Heather & Brady!


jayden // senior

Another really awesome session with senior Jayden.  Her smile is naturally bright, beaming and beautiful; like Miss America or something (that’s what I thought of when she smiled so much).  She’s a natural behind the camera and we had a great time making some really awesome photographs.  Some of my newest favorites of all time below!  Thanks Jayden!