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brasil part 2

A dream came true, I finally returned to Brazil!  After working with my ABC book family, my father and I (who was the best photo assistant) traveled around South America for another week.  Some days were spent sight seeing, and others visiting with friends that I had made while I served a mission in 2003-2005.

Headin’ to Nashville!

I don’t remember commenting about this, but I get to head off to Nashville this weekend to shoot a wedding with a friend of mine, Evan Baines.  Evan is an amazing photographer whose work is simply top notch!  He asked me to come out and help him with this important wedding he has and I couldn’t be more delighted to go.  I’ve always wanted to travel to Tennessee and I’m looking forward to it.  I’ll be sure to spoil you all with some awesome wedding pics on my way back :)

You can view some of Evan’s great works at

Formal, Casual, Guitar, Hard Rock . . . Senior Portraits in Benson Arizona

Usually those 4 words don’t find themselves into the same sentence when describing . . . well, almost anything.  I had a great senior portrait session with Derrick over the weekend.  He goes to Benson High School and we planned a number of different options and locations.  He had requested that we take some formal portraits at his grandparents home (in Tucson), and it was very nice home indeed.  We then proceeded over to the St. Phillips Plaza to get some more relaxed and casual portraits, which was a neat location.  I had been planning/thinking about doing something there for a couple months now, just never worked out I guess.

Then the really cool stuff started to come out when Derrick was a little more relaxed and comfortable with his surroundings, at his own High School.  We traveled to Benson and got some awesome shots with his musical and athletic talents involved.  Too bad we didn’t have a football though :(   Anyway, his guitar shots are some of my favorite of all time!!!  It was a blast and I was just having a ball creating such cool portraits for Derrick.  He’s a talented individual, so tell him his senior portraits ROCK the next time you run into him!

I don’t know why but this one reminds me of Varsity Blues . . . and I’ve never seen the movie, just the cover, lol!

One of my favs, the lighting in the afternoon was just gorgeous!

Here is a quick composite I had fun creating.  Sorta the grunge/punk rock kind of feel to it.