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erin + dean // engaged

Erin + Dean are FUN.  They are madly in love, and they know how to joke around and laugh, a LOT.  Downtown tucson is always a great place, but I’m really really glad we were able to try a new spot on Mt. Lemmon which was just absolutely gorgeous!  Really excited for their wedding this coming spring, can’t wait!  Thanks Erin & Dean!


heather + brady // engagement

It is absolutely the best time of year in Arizona for any kind of portraits. Combine that with an awesome farm, two really good looking people, amazing light and a highly energetic dog and you get a couple hours of pure fun and love. Brady grew up on a farm in Illinois, and they both LOVE the Cubs. I know it sounds cheesy, but you can easily see their love for each other, it’s just so natural. Can’t wait for the wedding!