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sierra // senior

It was a rather windy day, but at least it wasn’t scorching hot!  I had a great session with Sierra out in the Vail area, and we finished in downtown Tucson with some areas that had lots of color.  Sierra is definitely a natural, thanks Sierra!


taylor // senior

I think that Taylor was a bit reserved before we started her senior portraits.  In fact, I think MOST seniors feel this way…that is until I take their portraits :)  Taylor didn’t realize how awesome her portraits would be, and when I showed her one of the first ones on the back of the camera, she was sold :)  She is also a killer volleyball player!  I’m glad we got a chance to capture that and be a bit different with it.  Thanks Taylor!


natalie // senior

I had an awesome and fun time with Natalie out in the Benson area.  Many laughs were had with her and her sister, and I’m just in love with these images!  We got rained (hailed) out the first time we were planned for her portraits, but this day was just absolutely perfect!  Thanks again Natalie!


jessika // senior

You might be wondering if the volleyball net was really out in the middle of no where.  Yes, of course it was :)  I had an awesome time making some fabulous portraits for Jessika.  Her parents are the nicest ever, they came out on set up a net so we could get some fun, different, yet awesome portraits with her passion: volleyball!  Thanks so much for a great time!


alex // senior

Alex and her family are just AWESOME, no doubt about it.  I had a blast working with Alex, photographing everything that involves her personality and character.  I’m really glad I didn’t get hit by a golf ball, but, I did lose my shoe into a big heap of mud while we were under a Tucson underpass…it was totally worth it though.  THANK YOU Alex for being so awesome!  Enjoy :)


gustavo // senior

It’s been a great summer, mainly because I have spent quite a bit of time outside of the scorching Tucson heat. Thankfully, I have awesome portraits to still blog! Gustavo brought his style and his wicked sweet car (jealous) for his portraits. LOVED the light during the whole day, it was killer. Enjoy!

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abbi // senior

One thing that I LOVE about Arizona, is that we can shoot almost any day of the year, regardless if it is officially “winter” here.  I had a total blast working with Abbi.  She’s fun to hang out with, easy to talk to, enjoys horses and dance, and has a smile like none other.  I also think she kind of looks like Jennifer Aniston, but maybe that’s just me.  LOTS of photos below, thanks Abbi!


lauren // senior

I absolutely LOVE this set.  We traveled down to the Tubac area for some more rural and green farm land for her portraits.  Gorgeous day with awesome light.  Lauren also loved the 4th Ave urban atmosphere, and we even jumped inside a small little clothing shop, tried on some fun stuff, and even bought a tie to use on the rest of the session.  Lauren rocks a fedora.  Senior portraits don’t get much better than this!


nikki // senior

I’ve been dying to blog some of Nikki’s senior portraits, and you’ll understand why.  We had been rained out on our first meeting and had to postpone the 2nd part of her session till a later date.  Nikki is fun, funny, a good friend, a great model, and relatives of some of my previous clients.  In my book, that makes her totally awesome :)  Nikki works at a sweet local coffee shop and was the location for the first portion of her session.  We then headed downtown and tried out some totally new locations, and totally new ideas for me.  I had jotted down some sweet concepts in my head and I think we totally nailed all of them.  She could totally be a model.  Thanks Nikki!