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kyle // senior

Kyle is another sibling of a past senior I photographed.  His sister was one of my very early seniors over 3 years ago!  We went out to a very very remote location in Dragoon, AZ…about 20 minutes away from Benson near the base of some REALLY awesome mountains.  It was a mecca for southwest-style locations, with an incredibly awesome dirt road that takes you there…dirt roads + a subaru = fun :)  Kyle is also an accomplished volleyball player!  The final shot below involved ZERO photoshop :)  Thanks Kyle!


taylor // senior

I think that Taylor was a bit reserved before we started her senior portraits.  In fact, I think MOST seniors feel this way…that is until I take their portraits :)  Taylor didn’t realize how awesome her portraits would be, and when I showed her one of the first ones on the back of the camera, she was sold :)  She is also a killer volleyball player!  I’m glad we got a chance to capture that and be a bit different with it.  Thanks Taylor!


jessika // senior

You might be wondering if the volleyball net was really out in the middle of no where.  Yes, of course it was :)  I had an awesome time making some fabulous portraits for Jessika.  Her parents are the nicest ever, they came out on set up a net so we could get some fun, different, yet awesome portraits with her passion: volleyball!  Thanks so much for a great time!

Chris in action! High School Senior Portraits in Tucson Arizona at La Paloma

I had a fun shoot yesterday with Chris as we did something a little different than I usually do.  Chris plays on the volleyball team at his school and we arranged to get some cool action shots on the court at the High School.  It was a blast!  Chris was a little unsure I think of how we could make “cool” volleyball shots, but I think we nailed them here.  It was quite nostalgic as well, as it was the same High School I attended too!  I even saw one of my old history teachers, but I don’t think he remembered me :)   Anyway, I approached this like a Nike / Gatorade ad, all those cool action shots you always see in the magazines.

We finished up the fun action pictures and then headed over to La Paloma for some other more formal / casual type portraits.  We barely missed the rain but I think they worked out just well!  Thansk again Chris!

Also to show off some of the cool posters we can create, here’s a little mokup:


I was also fortunate enough to have been able to work with Chris’ family for a awesome family portrait out on the east side a couple weeks ago.  Their family was one of the easiest to work with, they just fell in place, looked great!  They make it look so easy to do!  Thanks again!