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New Product Shots! arizona wedding albums

I received back some sample products, and also the wedding album for Heather & Jay and just had to post some photos.  Heather & Jay received a 60 page Asukabook Deluxe album and it was HOT!  Asukabook has never let me down on their album quality, consistency and all around value.  They are a bit less-expensive than some of my other albums I offer but equally as popular and excellent.  It had one of those special moments as a photographer . . . and as a business owner (kind of a sneak peak in to what really keeps me going!) . . . I was able to deliver the album to Heather & Jay, and also preview it with them for the first time.  It’s the funnest thing in the world to see their reactions and emotions as they look at their album for the first time.  If I was thinking straight that day, I would have brought the camera to remember it . . . but it was fun anyways!!!


Now for some other product shots of my new Senior Portfolios.  Holy COW.  It’s hard to describe how cool these things are, since I’m a very visual person and don’t express myself easily with words . . . but here goes.  These are 6×8″ in size and are hand-made in Italy . . . yes, that’s right, Italy.  They are produced by GraphiStudio, one of the best Album producers in the world right now.  Each page is printed on a fine-art linen, bound with their patented binding method, where each page lays flat (as you can see below, and in contrast above how the Asukabook albums DO NOT lay flat like the GraphiStudio albums).  Each comes with a hard-cover black fabric cover, but the custom-designed dust jacket is included as well.  Oh ya, these are all custom designed by yours truly!  You won’t find these designs with ANYONE else.  This is a 20 page album sample that is just sooooooo cool.  No wonder they have been popular lately!  Give me a call if you’d like to see a custom preview of these bad-boys!

Here are some actual design layouts (not just photos of the book):

Tonie’s Album! Wedding Album for Arizona Wedding at Saguaro Buttes

I just finished the design for Tonie & Jason’s album last week and have been waiting to put them up to display.  I had the wonderful assistance of a talented digital scrapbook and designer, Meagan Turnidge, who helped me speed up my time so I can breathe a little more :)   After a couple of tweaks of “my style” of design it was near perfect.  I absolutely love it and can’t wait to get it back!  This will be another 60 page GraphiStudio album and it is going to be GORGEOUS.  You have to see these in person they are so amazing!

Anyway, their wedding was awesome and it was such an honor to work with them!  Thanks again Tonie & Jason, you guys rock!

New Album Design – Melissa & Jonathan! Arizona Inn Wedding in Tucson Arizona

I know you are all dying for something new as my blog page has been pretty sparse lately.  Well, you’re probably not . . . but I’d like to think so :)   It has been a busy summer with a number of weddings and many portraits in between, and I’m now just getting caught up with everything.  I wanted to share a recent album design from Melissa & Jonathan’s wedding back in April!  This will be a GraphiStudio album (custom albums hand crafted in Italy) and I can’t wait for it!  They are going to be blown away these are so awesome.  But, most of the awesomeness of a great album comes from a great designer (blatent plug here!).

Thanks for looking, and enjoy!