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Genesis: Chapter 3

This post is for photographers, but it’s not a bad read either :)

I feel so incredibly lucky, dumbfounded, excited and incompetent to be part of something so incredible. Genesis, a worskhop by photographer, for photographers, is one of the very few workshops I have ever heard of that I feel honest in being able to recommend to photographers. I’ve never really had a chance to recommend it to others because it sells out in a mere few hours…but, it’s put on by some of my very dear and good friends. Sam Hassas, Tony Hoffer & Melanie + Jeff Mansfield. ¬†Having known them for years and understanding their expertise in what they do, this is a workshop that brings substance, value and legitimate educational value to any photographer looking to up their game. The only thing different now is that I’m part of it – teaching, sharing my meager knowledge with hungry photographers. No pressure right?